Frequently asked questions

Hey, this game was a draw, but I clearly won!
This was probably a stalemate (open the game and find the option for game results and it will show the reason for the draw).  A stalemate is when the player has no valid move and it is their turn.  It is a draw in chess as they are not in checkmate.  We see this a lot when the player has just a king and maybe a pawn (thats blocked) and the other player has many pieces.

What type of draws are there?

I would like to reset my account

We do not have a way to clear everything out of your account. If you would like to start over and use the same email / username you would need to delete the current account and create a new one.
The delete account is on the account screen. Note that this cannot be undone.

How can I delete my chat?

There is no delete for individual chat messages, however there is a MUTE option on the game.  This will hide the chat from both players and will not allow any other chat. Deleting your account will also delete the chat.

How can I delete my account.

All our applications support a delete account action. You can find it in the account screen. Deleting the account is not reversible so be sure that is what you want. When you delete your account, the following will happen:

Can I use multiple devices for the same account>

Yes you can.  There can however be some issues with notifications.  ChessTime will connect to 1 android, 1 ios and 1 windows device at any time, so if you have one of each they all get notifications.  However multiple of any will switch notifications to the most recently used device. If notification are going to the wrong device try this. 1, exit chesstime, reopen to get the game list refreshed, then open a game.  This will switch the notifications.  If for some reason that still didnt fix it.  Logout of chesstime, then login, get game list and this will register the device.  Chess Time will not register the device twice in a 1 hour period unless you logout.

How are ratings calculated?

ELO is the method. ELO Rating It basically works as follows.

The current rating of each player is compared to determine who is expected to win / lose this match. Then awards high points if you won against a stronger player. You will lose a lot of points if you lost against a weaker player.
If you lose against a stronger player you will not lose too many points. And if you win against a weaker player you will not gain too many points.
The exact amount of the points depends on the difference in the rating of the two players.

Example view of point changes based on ELO ratiings

Opponent Rating 1200
You won You Lost
Your initial Rating Example point change
1250 +14 = 1264 -18 = 1232
1150 +18 = 1168 -14 = 1136

Do I need to have notifications on?

Short answer is Yes.
However, Chess Time can function without notifications, but it is designed to take advantage of notifications. Without notifications your screen will refresh every few minutes. System generated messages will not be received if notifications are off.

Send an Email

We use the account email address to determine account ownership so please email support from the email associated with the chess time account.

Expected response times.
We do work full time jobs and run chess time on the side, so it may take time for us to respond as we check emails nightly. We do try to answer all emails.

Thank you