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Delete Account
If you want to delete your account, you can do so in the application within the account screen. Maybe you no longer have to app or forgot your password. No problem, just email our support team from the email account used in the application and we will delete your account for you.

You can email us at:

Forgot Account Name
Did you forget your username? Maybe you have a new phone? Try the forgot username screen in the application. This will send the username to your email account. If you did not provide the email in your chess time account we will not be able to find the account. In this case support may be able to help if you can tell us information about the account, for instance who you usually play, people on your friend lists and so on.

Pawn Capture bug?
This is the most asked question regarding bugs in the game rules. This move is called En-Passant, this is not a bug. A pawn can capture another pawn if that pawn has just moved 2 rows and the pawn could have been captured if it only moved one row.
Please see this link for more informartion. En-Passant wiki page

Other questions?
Please see our FAQ page. Frequently asked questions

You can email us at:
Send an Email

We use the account email address to determine account ownership so please email support from the email associated with the chess time account.

Expected response time
We do work full time jobs and run chess time on the side, so it may take time for us to respond as we check emails nightly.

Thank you