Aug 2018

Favorite Games

Sometimes you have a game that you want to save for later review or to show others. We've added a Favorites list to Chess Time with this in mind. Within a game just access the menu and tap Add to Favorites. The game can later be removed by tapping remove from favorites.

Account Settings

Allow move takeback * By default this is set to true, your oppoent can request a move to be taken back. Some players do not want to play with the opponent able to ask this question. Just set this to false and your opponents will not be able to ask for a takeback.

Allow Direct Invitations * By default this is set to true. A direct invitaion is when a player creates and invitation that is sent to you. This is different form an open invitaion as Chess Time will pick your opponent. This is a privacy feature and can stop players that want to bother other players. If you turn this off, then only players that you have previously played can do a direct invitation.