ReversEm also known as Reversi / Othello is available on IOS and Android.  These games allow you to play against players over the mobile devices similar to Chess Time. 


Checkers is now available on IOS and Android. Play with a global multiplayer community.


Word Time - A new take on the classic word game. 

* Play computer opponents or other human players online.
*     6 levels of computer players from Easy  to Challenging
* Chat with your opponents with the in game messaging.
* Move settings from 1 to 7 days.
* Automatic matching to opponents in the same skill level.
* Rated or UnRated games.
* Leader board showing Word / Country levels.
* Push notifications to let you know when its your turn.
* Opponent stats showing games against statistics as well as stats showing best word, longest word, average points per move and more.
* Multiple variations including tile overlay and blocking cells.
* Multiple board sizes, 15x15, 11x11 and 21x21 super size board.
* Bonus tiles, word and tile multiplies. Up to 5x bonus.