In response to the GDPR, the following measures have been implemented to improve the privacy and security of all Chess Time players.


  • IP Addresses are NOT stored.
  • Removed any analytics.
  • Removed advertising in EU countries until the consent features is implemented (See below).


  • Traffic is https.
  • will no longer use cookies.


  • Added the ability to delete accounts in all applications. This will remove personally identifiable information on the account and deletes all chat messages. Games and moves will remain because it is shared information with other players.
  • An Email account is now optional and is encrypted.
  • Local players feature has been removed.


  • Chat messages are encrypted on the server.
  • Removed all chat from our archive server.

All advertising was turned off for EU countries until compliant advertisers and a consent screen was added to Chess Time.

Android - Consent Form

This is a consent for allowing personalized advertising.

By default advertising is not personalized to your interests and browsing habits.
For a list of advertisers, please see Advertisers.

The personalized advertising consent screen is created with SmartCMP, a framework compliant with the IAB GDPR Consent Framework. The function of this screen is to allow the user to opt-in or opt-out of personalized advertising. A user will be presented with this option the first time an ad is displayed.

Tapping “I understand, thank you.” Will keep the default selection of non-personalized advertising.

Tapping “Manage privacy choices” will give the user the option to customize their privacy choices.


Tap on a selection to see a description and whether to allow or not allow the permission. By default they are all NOT allowed.

The vendors list is supplied by IAB Vendors and may be periodically update and change. We do not directly work with all these vendors, only the ones defined on our Advertising Page.

Advertisers work in a global space buying and selling ads. The consent framework established your advertising preferences across these multiple parties.

You can update your choice at any time in the Advertising Consent menu (below).

Advertising Consent Menu
Tap on this menu to re-open the consent screen to make any changes.