Frequently asked questions

  • The opponent captured my pawn.  But my pawn was not on that square??? 
    This is an en-passant move, please see this page.

  • Hey, this game was a draw, but I clearly won!
    • This was probably a stalemate (open the game and find the option for game results and it will show the reason for the draw).  A stalemate is when the player has no valid move and it is their turn.  It is a draw in chess as they are not in checkmate.  We see this a lot when the player has just a king and maybe a pawn (thats blocked) and the other player has many pieces.
  • What type of draws are there?
    • Stalemate - This is when the current player has no legal moves and is not in check.
    • Three Fold Repetition - This is when the same exact board has appeared 3 times in the game. Note that one player moving a piece back and forth is not enough, the entire board must match a prior board.
    • Insufficient material - There is not enough pieces on the board to be able to checkmate a player.  For example, King vs King cannot checkmate.
    • 50 move rule - Each player has made 50 moves without pawn movement or captures.
    • Players agreement - This is when one player offers a draw and the other accepts.
  • I would like to start over.
    • We do not have a way to clear everything out of your account. If you would like to start over and use the same email / username you would need to do the following:
    1. Go into the account detail screen and change your current username to something random.  Then change the email to something random.
    2. Logout
    3. Create a new account with the user name and email you had originally.
  • How can I delete my chat.
    • There is no delete for individual chat messages, however there is a MUTE option on the game.  This will hide the chat from both players and will not allow any other chat.
  • How can I delete my account.
    • Please send a request to support, this must be from the same email address as in the account of chess time in order for us to identify the ownership.  Note that actual games are not deleted as they have 2 players.
  • How can I change my password?
    • The account screen allows the password to be changed. 
  • How can I change my email?
    • The account screen allows the email to be changed. 
  • Can I use multiple devices for the same account.
    • Yes you can.  There can however be some issues with notifications.  ChessTime will connect to 1 android, 1 ios and 1 windows device at any time, so if you have one of each they all get notifications.  However multiple of any will switch notifications to the most recently used device. If notification are going to the wrong device try this. 1, exit chesstime, reopen to get the game list refreshed, then open a game.  This will switch the notifications.  If for some reason that still didnt fix it.  Logout of chesstime, then login, get game list and this will register the device.  Chess Time will not register the device twice in a 1 hour period unless you logout. 
  • Do I need to have notifications on.
    • Short answer is Yes.
      However, Chess Time can function without notifications, but it is designed to take advantage of notifications.
      Without notifications your screen will refresh every few minutes.  System generated messages will not be received if notifications are off.
  • What does it mean to flag a game?
    • Flagging a game helps us identify abuse in the system.  If a single user is flagged by many different players it allows us to look at whats going on and make a decision about taking action on the player.  Please note, flagging doesn't automatically do anything to a player.
  • How can I pick my color.
    Its not possible to choose your color, Chess Time will do this automatically.
    • If you have no prior games with the opponent, the computer will use a random number to pick the colors.
    • If you have played the player, then it will look at the most recent game and flip the colors so that the game color alternates.
  • Can I switch sides?
    • If no moves have been played, the white player will have an additional menu item that switches sides.
  •  How is my country determined.
    • This is based on your IP address, however you can change it if you go to the account screen.
  • How are ratings calculated.
  • Can I cancel a game?  
    • The game is considered started once each player has made a move. Before each player has moved the game can be cancelled with no rating changes.  After each player has moved the game cannot be cancelled.
  • Can you delete a game for me?
    • No, we cannot delete games. On Android devices you can long click the game in the game list and hide the game but it is not deleted.
  • What is Set holiday time?
    • It allows you to extend the time for your opponents next move. This is for cases where they are going to be without connection usually due to a planned vacation. Note that you cannot extend your own time and it only applies to the next move, once a move is made the time goes back to the setting in the game.

    • So, if you will be unable to play send your opponent a chat when its your turn.  We realize it requires them to agree but it was done this way to stop abuses. 

  • Questions on Pro / Lite version.
  • How do you send emails from the server?
    Chess Time uses to send emails from our application.