We created the Pro version as an Ad free version because of numerous suggestions.  Below are Q/A about Pro / Lite versions.


  1. If I buy the pro version on android, do I get it on IOS? (and the other way around)
    • No,  the Pro version is for the CLIENT not for the account.  If you purchase the IOS pro, then you get Ad Free for IPod/IPhone and IPad (same as when you purchase any application in the appstore).  If you purchase on android then it will work for all your android devices.
  2.  I bought the pro version, now its telling me it is not licensed (only happens on android store).
    • We check the license with the store, sometimes false negatives do appear.  This is becoming less and less an issue over time, however every now and then we do hear of it happening.

    • From our experience, this is usually because on a network issue connecting to the licensing servers and will clear up after  some time.  

    • Another possibility is that the email on the device is not the same as the one that purchased the product.  Please verify your email.

    • If you need help with this, please contact support and include the transaction number of the purchase.
    • For reference to other developers facing this, click here.
  3. What differences are there between pro and Ad version.
    • The only difference is the removal of advertisements on the pro version.
  4. Do you offer refunds?
    • Sorry, we cannot offer refunds, there is a free version to use before the decision to purchase.  The purchase is only to remove Advertisements. 

      Notes: Purchasing on Android does allow some time to return the purchase directly from the play store.   Purchasing on IOS would require contacting Apple directly if a refund is desired.