When did Chess Time get started?

The Chess Time Server was originally created in July 2011 as a side project.  This was designed to be used with an IOS application.  The first mobile application was released Aug 2011 for IOS, then September 2011 for Android.  The Windows Phone app was created around March 2013.

How is Chess Time Supported?

Chess Time is primarily supported via advertisements and in-app purchases.  

Guidelines for using Chess Time responsibly

  1. Never tell anyone your email address, real name, where you live, age or anything else that can identify you.
  2. Do not use your real name, email address or anything else that can identify you as the account name.
  3. We have a feature to show players near your location as part of inviting players.  Our location determination is not very accurate.  This is by design, we do not get your real location from the device .  If you do not want to show up in the list you can opt out in the account detail screen. 
  4. As a standard practice, always use different passwords for different applications.

Note: If you would like to rename your account or change your email, this can be done in the account screen of the Chess Time application.